Sayed Mosque of Kashan


Seyed Mosque is one of the buildings which were built by Haj Sha’ban Ali Posht Mashhadi in the first half of last century and is located beside of Habib Ben Mousa holly shrine. The balcony and its arches are designed with brick work and stalactite work and the history of the building is carved on the adobe inscription which is installed in three sides of the entrance gate with white NAstaligh font. This mosque includes courtyard, pool and a dome. There are two summer and winter shabestans in western and eastern sides of the mosque and bricked rooms which are designed with tile work. There are three mehrabs also which the main one is located in center and is designed with plaster stalactite work and contains beautiful drawings. The eastern mehrab also is designed with stalactites and is fully covered by colorful tile. The third one is located among the southern wall of the western shabestan and is designed with plaster stalactites.

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