Meidan or Mir Emad Mosque of Kashan


It is located in eastern side of Bazaar of Kashan and opposite of Feiz (stone) Square. It is one of the most important historical buildings of Kashan. According to its inscription which is installed on the gateway, the mosque was built in 868 HIjri by Khajeh Amir Emad-al-Din Shirvaniin Shah Ghara Ghoyonlou Shah’s kingship era. But the original building had been belonged to Kharazmshahian dynasty era. The mehrab of the mosque which had been from Kharazm Shahian’s era was stolen in 1307 Hijri and today it is in Berlin Museum of Germany. This mehrab was built by Hassan bin Arab. The plan of the mosque is Four-Ivans style and includes dome, shabestan, ivan or balcony, gateway, cpourtyard, porch, water reservoir, historical inscriptions and a worthy tile made tribune (menbar).

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