Baba Abdullah Mosque of Naein

 It is located near by the Bazaar of Naein. According to the registered inscription of the mosque, it was built in 700 Hijri by order of Shams-al-Din Abdullah. It was repaired also in 737 Hijri. The present building includes gateway, courtyard, various shabestans, dome, porch, entrance gate, corridor and balcony. There is a big square dome room in south side of the mosque which includes gates, arches, awnings and stalactites in this dome room. The carved date on the woody inscription of the dome is 700 Hijri. Formerly it was installed on the pulpit. Also there are ten shrines in the dome room which are belonged to Ilkhani dynasty era. The shabestan has three entrance gates into the courtyard and the middle gate is bigger than the others. There is a balcony in the courtyard and some corridors are beside of this balcony. The winter shabestan is located under this summer shabestan which is in ground floor. The required photo for the winter shabestan is fulfilled by the contrived vents on suface of the summer (upper) shabestan.


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