Malek (Imam Khumeini) Mosque of Kerman


It is one of the oldest mosques of Kerman or perhaps Iran which is constructed during Saljoughi kings period (Malek Touranshah) and different parts of it has been rebuilt repaired at the time of Vakil-olmolk (1285A.H)

This large four- veranda mosque dates back to Seljuk dynasty, but it has been reconstructed during different periods. The western veranda and the dome -covered space on its other side are the oldest parts of this building. Mosque is 91 * 101 nr in area and has paved and large courtyard. There was a pond deep 4m in the middle of this courtyard in the past, a ghanat attributed to the daughter of Tooran Shah provided its water. Verandas and player areas have been constructed around the courtyard that known Imam Hassan, Aqa Sheikh Hassan Feqieh, Aqa Seyyed Ali, Emam Musa Ebn Jafar and Mirza Esmaiil Deilamqani player areas. The western and eastern verandas date back to Seljuk and Qajar respectively. Deilamqani has reconstructed the eastern veranda. Furthermore the southern one has been reconstructed recently. Three entrance doors were decorated by stalactite, plasterwork and tile setting. The brick tower at the northeastern side and 3 altars decorated with plasterwork have left from Seljuk period.







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