Jam'e Mosque of Kerman


The grand mosque has been there for many centuries as a base for the faithful. The building is reminiscent of braveries of Ali Bami in the war waged against Jermanian and Oghanian peoples by Mohammad Mozaffar Meibodi. When the ruler of Kerman was saved from what seemed to be inevitable death; he vowed to build a place of worship as a sign of thanksgiving to God.

As its inscription shows, Mozaffari Grand Mosque has been built in 750 AH and its cost has been covered by Mohammad Mozaffar, the ruler of Kerman. The first congregational prayer leader of the mosque came from Yazd. Beauties as well as historical and artistic values of the mosque are such that Professor Pope, the renowned Orientalist, has noted that Kerman grand Mosque is among those buildings which can inspire the Iranian nation with a sense of pride. After the mosque was built and during the current century, other buildings including “Aqa Seyed Ali Mojtahed Courtyard” and a chapel have been built to its eastern side. Taqi Khan Dorrani also rebuilt part of the mosque in 1176 AH. The main courtyard of the mosque measures 49.5 m by 66 m. It is connected to Dr. Shariati Avenue and Mozaffari Bazaar through three gates on eastern, southwestern and northern sides. The mosque has four porticos and there is a big, beautiful altar in the big portico which is framed by a green marble stone, inscribed by beautiful calligraphies.

The winter courtyard is very vast and has been built by Hajj Seyed Javad Shirazi, the congregational prayer leader of that time. Delicate art used in decorating the attractive tilework and stone columns on the eastern side entice the viewer.

The Grand Mosque has witnessed many events during its history. It was burnt on October 16, 1978 by agents of Pahlavi regime. Also, the great Iranian mystic and artist, Moshtaq, was murdered at the entrance of this mosque. The supporters of Aqa Khan Mahallati took shelter at the mosque when they were attacked by Mohammad Shah Qajar’s men. The prosperity of the mosque during recent years is owed to efforts made by Ayatollah Salehi Kermani who has founded the seminary school of the city and is also congregational prayer leader of the mosque.








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