Vakil Mosque of Kerman


This mosque is a part of a comprehensive complex in Kerman.

A complex of a bazaar, a mosque, a caravanserai and a traditional tea house (had been once a bath), wasbuilt by the order of Mohammad Ismaeel Khan Vakil Ol-Molk-Kerman ruler- and hisson at the time of Zand.

The extensive regent's bazaar, constructed of beautiful and well preserved brick, much of it from the Safavid period, is largely of interest for its architecture rather than for the range of goods, although there are a few metalwork shops selling brass trays and the like noisily hammered into shape on site. The Vakil caravansary with its attractively tiled walls adjoins the main Vakil bazaar. The caravansary provides office accommodation for bazaar merchants. The twogood shaped"chimneys" are in factair trap towers (Bad-girs) perhaps the most enchanting corner of Kerman bazaar is the entrance to the Ebrahim khan Madraseh and Bath-House (Hammam).

Built in the four ivan style is opened to the bazaar. The facade is decorated with fine paintings and tile works. The northern courtyard which is the main entrance of the mosquerepaired recently is decorated with new brick and tile works. The larger southern courtyard added later.Thereare two Shabestans; themain and older on the west sideis roofed by domes, stood on bricked pillars,floored by stone and has a mud-brick Mihrab; the newer has been constructed by new materials recently.

Decorated with beautiful and fine tile works,it has two glorious turrets; one is an air trapand one is the clock tower.

Once being a bath identical to Ganj Ali Khan bath, has been changed into a shapely and delicate traditional tea housesince two decades ago. The bath has two sections;a drierhall and hot chamber. The hot chamber is now used to serve local and traditional food of Kerman.





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