Qal'e Sang Mosque of Sirjan


Remaining of the mosque is in south eastern side of Sirjan and 12km far from this city. It is located beside of an old castle and according to its inscription it had been constructed in Mozaffarid era in 789 Hijri. This inscription is installed on the body of a stony alter which is placed in the shabestan of this mosque. The size of the mosque is 15m*10m. There is a rectangular frame installed on the south side of this alter which some texts are carved on it as below:

" العادل المظفر من السما بالنصر و العز و الفتح المبین عماد الحق والدین الواثق بالملک الصمد بالخیرات (؟) السلطان احمد خلد الله السلطانه اقل ممالیک سلطانی فی سنه تسع و ثمانین و سبعمائه " ( 789 ه .ق )




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