Chehel Sotoun Mosque of Kerman


This mosque is located in Shariati Street and is a part of Haj Ali Aqa Complex which includes water reservoir, karvansara, Bazaar and mosque and was built in 1328 Hijri by Haj Ali Aqa famous as Zaeimullah. The building of the mosque includes alter, gateway, minaret, porch, courtyard and shabestan. It has two entrances from Shariati Street and haj Ali Aqa bazaar that the second gateway is designed by stalactite work and tile work. There are two minarets placed in top of this gateway which are designed with tile work. There is also an antechamber next to this gateway which its required light is fulfilled by the installed skylights on the dome. The shabestan of the mosque is famous as Chehel Sotoun (means forty columns in Persian language) because of having forty columns. The height of column is two meters and its width is 90cm which hold the ceiling and dome of the mosque. The walls of shabestan are brick made and the mehrab is designed by stalactite work and tile work. It seems to be constructed according to Vakil Mosque of Shiraz pattern. The mosque has two courtyards in north and south.



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