Kaboud Gonbad Mosque of Kalat


This mosque is located in Kalat Naderi City in north of Mashhad and nearby the boundary. This nomination is because of its dark blue color dome which is tile made. Even between 1148-1160 Hijri years, people called this city as the same name with the mosque means Kaboud Gonbad. This mosque had been built in four balconies style and includes balcony, shabestan,courtyard and dome room. The courtyard is rectangle with 19m*27m dimension. There are four balconies in four sides of the courtyard with eight meters vent and eleven meters height within the designed porches and tiles. The southern balcony is used as the summer habestan. The plinth of the courtyard is built of an integrated piece of stone. The dome room is an octagon.  According to its inscription which is available in the mosque, the mosque was repaired and designed in 1250 Hijri by Palang Tous Khan Jalayer who was the commander of Kalat City. The detail of this repairing process is carved on the inscription.










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