Jam’e Mosque of Khaaf


This building is ocated in Khaaf and includes dome room, balcony, shabestan, courtyard and a worthy pulpit. The main courtyard dimension is 9.5m*10.7m*7.1m which ends to the dome room by a corridor. There is a rectangle hall in eastern side of the dome room which opens to the dome room by the north eastern door. There is no conformity between the balcony, dome and hall. The balcony and hall could be added to the building then. There are some deep porches in the walls of the balcony. The ceiling of the balcony is composed of three parts: a vast arch within horizontal brick arrangement, the next vast porch and the third part is a very wide part which is located horizontally between the porches sides. The history of this mosque backs to Timurid era and it was built in 800 Hijri. 

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