Jam’e Mosque of Boroujerd


 This mosque was constructed in the year 970 AH. Under the orders of Shah Parvar Soltan. In the year 1110 AH. The mosque was repaired by the orders of Shah Soltan Hossain Safavid. This historical 'decree' is presently in the Dej or castle of Shahpour Khast. Fifty years ago, due to road construction, a part of this ancient mosque was destroyed.

The current mosque has been built on the same site, and is not that old. In the year 1943 a group of people were responsible for the repairs of the above mentioned. To the north and south of the mosque chambers were built and it became an important center of theology. There is also a library in the eastern part that has been donated by the (late) Ayatollah Kamalvand. 

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