Sarda’ar Mosque and Seminary of Qazvin


This construction is located in Tabriz Avenue, and is a remnant of the Qajar era, dating back to the year 1231 AH. This cubical shaped structure is of two storeys. The cornices of which are made of stone, though the structure itself had been constructed of brick. Thence adorned with colored tiles. Epigraphs in the Nasa'liq script display the poetical verses of the late Mohtasham-e-Kashani. These inscriptions surround the courtyard of the school.

The chambers are located in the eastern and western sectors of the school. The upper floor is similar to the floor beneath. The only difference being that there are four narrow chambers which form the lateral or side rooms. To the south of the school courtyard is a vast terrace which connects to a mosque, with a ceiling resting on three brick arches. The conical dome is on the centeral arch.

The entrance of the structure is to the center of the northern front. This leads to a large vestibule which from the two sides adjoins the nocturnal area. The entrance of the school is adorned with colored tile work, in addition to poetical verses in the Nasta'liq script that have been carved in a spectacular manner on marble.











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