Ahmadieh Mosque of Qazvin


This building is located in Shohada Street and west side of the Imamzadeh Ismaeil Alley. The entrance gate is built in half-circle figure and is designed with tiles. The building has twoo floors which its underground floor is located in southern side and has some skylights. The eastern balcony also consist three porches. There is built a prayers hall in northern side of the mosque within some sashes in its exterior. The shrine of Aref Sheikh Ahmad Qazali is located in underground floor and consists a rectangular rooms which is adobe made without any kind of design.

About Sheikh Ahmad Qazali Tousi:

He is a Master of Sufi Order "Marufiyah" that after "Shah Nimatullah Wali" (Died In 1431 AD) Became Famous "Nematollahi" [Nimatullahi].

Sufis Orders Nimatullahi (Such as Nimatullahi SoltanAliShahi Gonabadi [Nimatullahi SultanAliShahi Gunabadi]) Believe That He Is The "Seventh Qutb" in the Absence of the Twelfth Shia Imam.

The Qutbs of Sufi Order Marufiyah to Shaykh "Ahmad Ghazzali Tusi" (Initiation Chain of Permission of Shaykh "Ahmad Ghazzali Tusi"):

Imam Ali ibn Musa "al- Riza" [Imam al- Reza]> Shaykh "Maruf Karkhi" (First Shaykh of Shaykhs On Behalf of Imam Ali ibn Musa "al- Riza" [al- Reza]) > Shaykh "Sary Saghati" (Second Shaykh of Shaykhs) > Shaykh Abu al- Qasim "Junayd Baghdadi" (First Qutb On Behalf of Imam Hujjat ibn al- Hasan "al- Mahdi") > Shaykh "Abu ali Rudbari" > Shaykh "Abu ali al- Kateb" > Shaykh "Abu Uthman al- Maghribi" or "Abu Umran al- Maghribi" (Saeed Ibn Salam)> Shaykh "Abu al- Qasim Gurkani" > Shaykh "Abu Bakr al- Nassaj" > Shaykh "Ahmad Ghazzali Tusi"


Qutb, Qutub, Kutb, or Kutub (Arabic: قطب), literally means 'axis', 'pivot' or 'pole'. In Sufism, a Qutb or Kutb is the perfect human being, al-insān al-kāmil, who leads the saintly hierarchy. The Qutb is the Sufi spiritual leader that has a Divine connection with God and passes knowledge on which makes him central to (or the axis of) Sufism, but he is unknown to the world. There is only one Qutb per era and he is an infallible and trusted spiritual leader. He is only revealed to a select group of mystics because there is a "human need for direct knowledge of God".

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