Sokhteh Chena’ar Mosque of Qazvin


Originally, the mosque is the shrine of Davoud bin Suleiman Qazi who had been one of the narrators of Imam Reza (the 8th Imam of Shi’a). He was died in 1404 Hijri. There had been a burned sycamore in courtyard of the mosque. The building is composed of two parts: new and old.

The building is built in single floor and which its size is 13m*78m within adobe exterior. There are two gates in southern and western sides which the western one had a tiled porch. The interior of the mosque is mostly simple and without any design. Just there are four porches to the depth of four meters. The southern mehrab of the mosque is designed with tile work. The used materials for constructing the mosque are bricks, plaster, stone and tiles.


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