Hendovan Jam’e Mosque of Birjand


This building is located in hendovan village and 70km far from Birjand. It seems to be constructed originally in Timurid era and then some parts were added to it. The plan of the mosque includes dome, shabestan and balcony. There are three dome rooms and a covered shabestan within eight vents. The building is brick made and is not regular. This disorganization may be the consequence of completing the building in various epochs. But there is no document or inscription to recognize these epochs. But the dome room perhaps is the oldest part of the mosque which is located in the south west side. The base of this dome room is square shaped. There is also a mehrab beside of the south wall of the mosque. according to the available evidences about the style of architecture of this mosqaue, it had to be built in 9th Hijri at the same time with Timurid dynasty in Iran.

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