Khazen-ul-Molk Mosque of Tehran



Sayed Vali Holy Shrine or Khzen-ul-molk Mosque is located in end of the Orsidouz’ha (shoemakers) bazaar and opposite of the sheikh Abdul Hussein School. Its history backs to Qajar era but the exact year of constructing is not clear. Just we can find an inscription which is installed on top of the dome and shows 1298 Hijri to us. The date of repair is 1324 Hijri which is stipulated on this inscription. The mosque was built by Ostad Yousef Naj’jar and the repairs were done by Mustafa Ivaneh and Ostad Aboulghasem Moum Doost. The building of the mosque had included dome room, prayers hall (shabestan) and a columned balcony.

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