Sayyed-Al-Shohada Mosque of Khoy



It is one of the most important and oldest mosques of khoy City with more than 150 years old. The exact date of establishment of the mosque is 1226 Hijri-Qamari. The mosque is located in central part of the city. According to above, its history backs to Qajar era and in earlier times it had been the comprehensive (Jame) mosque of Khoy.

According to local people, Ahmad Khan danbali has constructed this mosque and after him, Hosein Khan continued to complete his incomplete work. Etemadol Saltaneh has written about this mosque:

‘’ That is a mosque which descent Ahmad Khan Danbali has constructed in the name of Fath’ali Shah and that why it is famous as Masjed Shah ‘’

Hosein Khan’s attempts also were unsuccessful to complete the mosque and then in 1317 Hijri-Qamari finally the mosque became was completed by attempts of Haji Mirza Yahia and Agha Ali Mahalei and people’s donations. An inscription is installed on top of the entrance gate which shows its repair date in 1326 Hijri-Qamari.

Entrance corridor has three long domes and the prayers hall is one meter lower than street. The used materials in this historical mosque are stone, carved stones, cube bricks which have made this building more beautiful and strong. The prayer hall includes fifteen brick domes which are installed on eight columns.

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