Jam’e Mosque of Zanjan


The Jame' Mosque and school of Zanjan is situated in the old part of the city. The said construction was erected by Abdollah Mirza Dara, or the eleventh offspring of Fathali Shah Qajar in the year (1242 AH.). This historical site is of great value where planning and architectural feats are concerned. To the east and west of the court yard of the mosque sixteen chambers exist running parallel to each other. Facing towards south are rise chambers used as residential quarters for theology students.

The ceilings of these chambers being artistically decorated with diagonal arches 2.5 m. from the floor. The portions have beautifully vaulted and have arched ceilings. The chambers have also been worked in tile dating back to Qajar era. This mosque has three places for nocturnal payers, or Shabestan each having an altar. The dome of this mosque is spectacular.

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