Khanom Mosque of Zanjan


This mosque is located in Fakhim-ul-Doleh District and belongs to Qajar era. It doesn’t have any dome and there are two very beautiful minarets. the mosque was built by one of the most powerful women of Iran means Jamileh Khanom daughter of Hussein Qoli Khan Nezam-ul-Edalah(zolfaghari) in 1323 HIjri. The building of the mosque includes two shabestans for winter and summer seasons, some rooms two short minarets, courtyard and its designs are composed of plaster work and tile work. We can point to its strong and short minarets within tile works and a beautiful mehrab which is designed with the colorful and beautiful tiles as the specifics of this mosque. The designs of the walls and balconies are made according to Qajar architecture pattern and yellow, black, blue and white colors are used in these masterpieces. The mosque  had been repaired lately. 

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