Ghorveh Jam’e Mosque of Abhar


This mosque is one of the worthiest mosques of Abhar which belongs to 5th Hijri century and Seljuk era. it is located in Ghorveh Village and 18km far from east of Abhar and is famous as Jam’e Mosque of Abhar Also. It’s old is more than 1000 years. It is repaired and includes a domed courtyard and two shabestan in sides. Its interior designs belongs to the A’al-e-Bouyeh dynasty era (585 HIjri).the carved inscription of the mosque belongs to 413 Hijri and is designed with plaster work. The other inscription shows the 585 hijri date which is the date of building of this mosque. Its plaster and bricks works are one of the masterpieces of middle Islamic centuries.




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