Jam'e Mosque of Dezfoul


Dezful Jame mosque architecture style to the third or fourth century Ah (981- 1061 Julian) Solar repair and restoration.. The Eastern porch of the mosque of the Safavid period buildings that a year 1110 Lunar was founded. The head of the mosque about two tower and the centenary 12 Is Ah. The architecture of the building of the Palace porch and architecture principles have been imitating the karkheh River.

1-The first new mosque in Ahvaz Ameri and Ali Ibn mazar near the monument by Mr Sheikh was made nbhan Ameri.

2-The second mosque called Masjid Al-Haj Reza in the year 1314 Ah-Ah by person called Mr Haj Reza shoushtari was made darkiaban East Kayvan. This mosque issue 7928 The country has registered asarmli doesn't.

3- The third mosque called Masjid Al-Haj Chairman in 1320 (E) specific altjar by Mr. Ah bushehry (Haj Chairman) In place of certain railway crossed railway with altjar oil company and for this reason it is said that the head of the mosque, scha nizami. The mosque in the past by Ayatollah taleghani darda… It is a group of people and reconstruction of shafii and gave name to change mosque shafiee.

4- Ayatollah taleghani mosque… The mosque is located in the famous dartaqata t. bigdeli, Razavi is in fourth vkhayaban Azadegan masjedi 1325 (E). it is built.

5- The Grand Mosque is the fifth masjedi 1331 Ah Ah drsalhai was built and the repair and reconstruction of the main part of the past..

6- The mosque of Sheikh saduq along the Karun River National Bank branch in the central mosque, built in the 6th new Ahvaz is provided by an individual named Haj Sayed benagardid people not cooperation with a. Mousavi bak. This mosque in 1381 (E). it was reconstruction.

7-The seventh mosque, Ayatollah taleghani… Ansari in 1338 Ah Ah, according ....

8-The eighth mosque, Ayatollah taleghani… Haj-Seyed-Jafar Jazayeri per year. 1341 Ah Ah Imam Khomeini and the construction of St. (RA) And Shahid Sadr Sadat (The former s.)Is located.

This mosque was recently sponsored by Ayatollah taleghani… Haj Seyyed Mohammad Ali Mousavi Jazayeri has developed a temporary Imam of Friday prayer of Ahvaz.

9-Write to the mosque is a mosque in chitsaz 1341 Ah Ah was made.

10-The tenth hamadi in the lane by Mr. Ahmad Al-Alavi, located at the end of the year to Ameri market 1350 (E). it is built.