Jam'e Mosque of Tafresh


This mosque is located in old village of Tarkhoran and new city of Tafresh in Martkazi Province. The primary building of the mosque belongs to Seljuk Dynasty era which then was repaired and some parts also were added to the main building. The main building of the mosque is an octagon dome room with 14m height which some royal sets are installed in per each side of this octagonal dome room. The interior side of the building is oval and there is no specific design. Its interior of the building is brick designed. There is a Safavid style dome room with seven meters width, five meters depth and nine meters height gate. The plinth of the balcony is stony and its wall is plastered. There is a shabestan, located in beswide of the dome room which is built in current century. The installed inscription on the courtyard gate with five meters width, four meters depth and seven meters height shows the date 1277 HIjri as the construction date. There is a minaret with three meters diagonal and twenty meters height which is one of the Seljuk monuments. The design of this minaret is very simple and just its top part is designed with bricks and an inscription is installed on it which is written with Kaufi Font.











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