Sefid Mosque of Rezvanshahr



This building is located in Donya Chal Village beside of the river of Asalem Area. Awfully, most parts of the mosque are destructed but this is one of the greatest heritages of Gilan Province. There is no exact information about the architecture and total plan of the mosque. But it seems to be a rectangular plan including an octagon base which is separated from shabestan by this base. The width of the porches are around 3.40m and the length of a remained wall of the mosque is 16.75m. The corridors were covered by a ceiling with 5.70m height. The environment of the octagon which separates the shabestan from the corridors is around 5.50m and the space between the bases is 2.80m. The main material of the building are 6cm*23cm*23cm bricks and the thickness of the walls is 175cm. There is an inscription installed on the ceiling of a porch which contains some Ayahs of Tobah Surah of Quran in Koufo font. The plinth of the mentioned porch also is designed with stalactite. According to the available inscription we can say that the building of mosque belongs to Safavid dynasty era.



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