Jam'e Kabir Mosque of Yazd



The mosque on the western side of Imam Khomeini Avenue, Anthaykhyaban Mosque, Shahi Gate Area is located.



Monitoring in the early fifth century AH "Amir La’aldvlh Kalnjar" But first Amir was Kakvyy Bnayknvny Hshtmhjry century mosque, "al-Din Sydrkn Mhmdqazy" construction works.


Historical Resources:

Building of the Great Mosque of Yazd during centuries of residue and various buildings along the Grdydhast in historical texts under the titles city mosque Friday, Atiq Mosque, the old Friday Mosque "lees" New Mosque and the Bnahayalhaqy Bhasamy mentioned is different.


Some believe Darndk·h during Pyshaz Tshkdhay establish Islam in this place that was to survive the era of Islam have, but in Dstnyst Dlaylkafy Brayayn claim. But Vmktvb Nchhk·h is indisputable is that in the fifth century AH "Amir La’aldvlh Kalnjar" Amyrkakvyy first after entering the repair and renovation of Yazd mosque named city mosque Friday in centuries past attempts to establish the prayer and prayer than three degrees East Main toward deviance has. Arsalan wife Khatoon mosque minaret beside the original building they had set up the ninth century.


His son, "La’aldvlh Garshasbi (513 488 AH) another mosque dome plan is a single porch, and Atiq Mosque near the western side founded. He subterranean runoff Zarch already present in the floor construction and that is located in a Jmatkhanh adds that the west side in 1240 on the bedchamber prince is made. In the year 536 AH after the girls Framrzbn Amirali Faramarz bin bedchamber and a tomb for his mosque, they added.


New Mosque base year of 724 or 728 AH at the back of the old mosque prayer by the "consistency Mhmdbn Sydrkn Din Din Hosseini Yazdi Ghazi bin system" ones.


In the year 732 AH, "Afif al-Din Rumi" a minaret built over the old dome shall Mqsvrh and Seyyed Shams al-Din al-Din son of appropriative Sydrkn it adds new endowments and in 777 AH at the time of the new port Yahya Shah Mosque Old to the New Mosque to open the eastern side of the same was Kryas.


Timurid period in the ninth century many changes and extensions are done in the mosque. In the year 809 AH, Jalal al-Din Khwaja Kharazmi runoff in the mosque built entirely Gnbdkhanh Kashykary will. In 819 King Kermani system available to new construction, he turns all Kashykary mosque and inscription in line to thousand horse Bhaaldyn (Sura Fatah) on the mosque floor makes up only part of the inscription on both sides remained Ivan is. He also Ktabh Condor port mosque titles carved on the right hand account Vgnbdy home crowd makes.


In the year 836 AH command suttee wife Fatima Amyrchqmaq Shahi Mosque carpets with marble columns and porch parties are in Trashnd


In the year 861 AH-Din Khwaja determined to repair Meybodi Jmatkhanh Shah regime and the destruction that was under demolition pay. In 862 major construction activities at the time Amyrnzam Qnbrjhanshahy Haji Din Mosque in the old series occurs completely changed the face of the mosque, he also makes time King Mirza titles Jahanshah Nagorno Qvyvnlv line Maulana Shah Hakim Muhammad Shams al-Din and the carved tiles entrance to the mosque. In the reign of Shah Tahmasb personal name "Mr. Jalal al-Din Mohammad" Mhtrjmal known, then governor of Yazd two minaret of the mosque portico adds Rafi.


Photo Afsharieh any period of construction of the mosque measures is available. But in the Zandiyan inscription dated 1172 AH in Kryas eastern side of the mosque is a Vqfnamh the role of the old mosque is closed.


Destruction and renewal in the Qajar period in the vast mosque complex changes that occur and change the face of it brings. These measures during the reign of Shah Mohammad, but Mirza in Yazd and the reign of Fath Ali Shah occurs and construction since 1236 he has started in the year 1240 ends


He proceeded to destroy the mosque and the courtyard of the old parts of the current Great Mosque with its surroundings Rvaqhay adds. Also great in bedchamber mosque on the western side of buildings and structures and construction of diversion Kakvyan prayer that it corrected the bedchamber to the prince already has a reputation.


After these actions the old mosque endowments and thus destroyed due to lack of financial guarantees in a long time and nearly a century mosque destroyed on the inputs to the 1349 Board of Sponsors Great Mosque of Yazd, under the supervision of Haj Seyed Ali and to help minister Mohammad Taghi Mostafavi (archaeologist) formed and began to restore the mosque. Despite appreciation to each new building this mosque, which led to restoration of historical buildings were great. By the Board of Sponsors, the initial decision on the destruction of monuments and remains in its place a new bedchamber eastern side yard was built.



Great Mosque of Yazd, no doubt, one of the masterpieces of exquisite mosque is one of the beautiful decorations and unique look that it has an admirable. This building consists of a porch and dome Rafi bedchamber and two summer homes of the two parties and incubated in the western and eastern sides of a large rectangular courtyard and two runoff is.


Mosque with six different inputs so that the sides are located. The main entrance of the mosque, located in the eastern side entrance with Rafi and mosaic tiles and inscriptions of two of its minarets were built. The beautiful entrance to the building during the Timurid Shahrukh was added and the decorations and mosaic tiles with Arabesque designs, and Chinese knots are used. Most of these works had been destroyed over time, supporters of the Board of repair is reconstruction.


Entrance vestibule or above a ceiling dome Kryas Opens space that can be called a museum because it scrolls the types of inscriptions on stone and tile Vqfnamh and government decrees listed in different periods, is appointed.


Western side of the front door entrance just been mentioned and it is opened to a vestibule that view ports with this new Kashykary has been decorated. Another mosque in the northern side entrance and is located just opposite the porch. This input is connected to a Kryas portico with Koranic inscriptions and decorations have been decorated new mosaic tile.


Northwest entrance with a simple and unadorned appearance is a long corridor to be opened to one of these corridors around porch floor is attached.


Two other input on one side of the mosque, located in southwest Western Gnbdkhanh bedchamber and another in the northeast and is located in the old mosque which is now both are blocked.


Large rectangular courtyard of the mosque and the dimensions 53 × 20 m and is in the middle of a large fluorescent for prayer placed in the appropriate seasons. Around the yard with a vault of Rvaqhayy opened it bypasses the addition to shelter and canopy, the floor space given to the special beauty and uniformity of G or outside it will.


Two greenhouse mosque courtyard in the east and west sides are incubated Eastern prince is known to the bedchamber with 48 columns of rectangular plinth covered with hexagonal tiles and the color is turquoise. Eastern and western side of the stove at the end of the Shah that predominantly which Nvrgyrhayy window is built. The bedchamber also has the entrance dome arches in the Mrkzyshan Nvrgyrhayy octagonal stone is located. The altar incubated with loose arc spans five to seven Mehri and designs are elegant and beautiful. Incubated eastern side of the construction of a completely new board of the mosque's supporters are. The stove also columns of type and a new altar with adobe and tiles have been decorated seven colors.


Northeast corner of the yard is a yard with dimensions 3 × 5 / 2 meter brick wall with Chinese lattice called the library and inscription in the prayer position Msds Mehrabi of blue tiles and is installed to date 890 AH.


Most beautiful parts of the building can be set around the porch and called Gnbdkhanh Vfzahay. Rafi veranda with view of a collection of beautiful decorated tile mosaic with Arabesque designs and plants and also Chinese knot decorations covered with the bricks Mqly multiplicative designs and inscriptions, and mosaic tile and masonry Kofi exquisite collection and have created a stunning admire Every visitor to sparking.


Openings on either side passageway and the entrance porch has some booths, which exhibits on two floors and a porch and another Mtslnd Gnbdkhanh space around the fire and are overlooking. Gnbdkhanh square shape into a central and open entrance porch and two significant passages in the vault are the parties. The passageways of the passageway on their porch in the ninth century pavilion built some leads. King Nshynf Gnbdkhanh two sides, with lattice fence was covered with tile and stone Shah Mehrabi predominantly eastern side of two ninth-century beautiful installation. Ivan and plinth Gnbdkhanh Msds with blue tiles that covered the middle of each tile with mosaic Trnjhay are decorated. Plinth wall on top of the pod Hzarbaf projects consisting of very small tiles forming patterns that are written on the walls and covered the southern and northern lines under Kofi dome home building and quadruplet Shhadtyn praise has run.


Fylpvshhay big dome on the mosque, which were adorned with engravings of Mogharnas Mqly are covered. The gap also Karbndy Fylpvshha the beauty of their lines words Allah and Muhammad Kofi role in building package is working.


Located in the main sanctuary or altar or Mqsvrh Gnbdkhanh was a deep rectangular openings on both sides of their narrow and short Mbrhay two ways will be the dome home. The beautiful altar adorned with mosaic tile and brick inscriptions and percussionist and two star shaped tile appointed in the name of making history and craftsmanship altar (777 AH) is closed roles.


In western and eastern sides Gnbdkhanh two bedchamber or summer, there Ghulam Grdshhayy with cross vault of them is linked Mqsvrh. East bedchamber in the order of 777 AH Yahya Shah Mozaffari is made by a passageway and openings with five pitchers who would be open towards the east porch and porch Gnbdkhanh are connected. Bedchamber with the altar at the head of the deep low Mogharnas with plaster and a little lower than the eight pieces to a mosaic tile frame size together installed. A mosaic inscription of the dimensions 108 × 58 cm in low and middle altar is installed on the Koran and the words flower and plant designs mosaic tile technique has been implemented.


Western bedchamber in the ninth century by al-Din Khwaja Ghiasi Aghili made Ghyasyh Vmshhvr is the bedchamber. Characteristic of the arch around the bedchamber Tvyz·h Dahlia and the Timurid city of Yazd in most buildings can be seen. East side of the bedchamber five Ashkvbh is seen having plaster fence are covered with mosaic tiles. It has a simple altar Mogharnas plaster is half the vault. The space in the southwest corner of the mosque located in the entries with four steps are connected to the narrow passageway. This summer has bedchamber floor and brick plinth, and its body is covered with a plaster coating and the light from the skylights brick lattice, which is located between Tvyz·h is embedded. Mosque, which also has one of the two runoff water and other water Zarch Mahmoud Abad past the entrance to the runoff in the eastern and northern side is the mosque.


Beautiful dome of the mosque continuously and type II Pvsthf it scored roles Sabvnky Mqly has performed with elegance and shoot the word "grinder MULK" Kofi line repeated.


Of two mosque minarets that their approximate height of the floor to the tip is 52 m with a diameter of about 8 meters and as mentioned in the Safavid period are added to the year 1313, but poured down and rebuilt again is that one minarets of the staircase with two-way.


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