Nasrieh Mosque of Tabriz


This mosque was constructed in 742 Hijri-Qamari by Amir Sheikh Hassan choopan whose nick name was Alaeddin. That’s why firstly its name was Alaeeieh and sometimes Soleimanieh because of the mogul governor of that time, Soleiman grandchild of Holakoo Khan.

Its present name is because of inscription writing of the mosque by Sbdollah Seirofi – the famous calligrapher of Ilkhani era and one of his prentices who had assisted him to do this work. But the present building mostly is remained from Qajar era and the original body is destroyed over time.

This mosque was basically repaired for the first time in Prince Abbas Mirza’s era and once again in 1295 Hijri-Qamari by Haj Mirza Mohammad Gharaji who was from clergy caste in Tabriz and for third time by Haj Mohammad Agha Ardebili in 1338 Hijri-Qamari. The present building of this mosque is rectangles-shaped which includes a columned hall and side rooms. The big bricked dome and columns of the mosque are very amazing and attractive and simple.

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