Seghat-al-Islam Mosque of Tabriz


Seghat-al-Islam mosque or Sheikhian mosque is built in 1256 Hijri-Qamari and decent Mirza Mohammad Shafi Seghat-al Islam, one of Shia’a leaders in Iran. In 1291 Hijri-Shamsi (Iranian calendar), the roof of the mosque was extended from eastern side and then a winter mosque was added to the present building of this mosque which then in 1310 Hijri-Shamsi, all of the mentioned infrastructure became integrated in shape.

At present time, this mosque includes twenty stone columns and thirty four brick domes. It is one of the largest mosques in Tabriz. We can find three entrance gates in this mosque which link the mosque to Sahib Abad mansion. The carved Quran verses are observable on the headlines of the columns, indoor surface of the domes interior brick works.

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