Hassan Shah Mosque of Tabriz


Haj Khalifeh Chalabi, the author of Jahan Nama book, writes about this mosque:

‘’ Jame-al-Sultan Hassan which belongs to Sultan Hassan Shah Agh Ghoiunloo and is built in Sultani manner with engraved stones and Plumb is a very attractive and magnificent mosque. Beside of mehrab, a big piece of Balghami marble stone is installed on the wall which such kind of marble in this size is unrivaled in world!’’

Olia Chalabi who has visited this mosque in 1050 Hijri-Qamari has described this mosque:

‘’ … this mosque is constructed by Sultan Hassan’s order… the building of this mosque is one of masterpieces in architecture. All of its domes are tiling which some pores are embedded from four sides and are designed with bright marble stones. In both sides of the mehrab of this mosque, two yellow stone columns exist which it seems to be amber which you are not able to find its similar all over the world! …’’



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