Zahirieh Mosque of Tabriz


Zahirieh mosque is located in west side of Sayyed Hamzeh holly shrine in Tabriz. It is a rectangular-shaped and building which doesn’t have any columns. All round of the mosque is covered with excellent and beauty kind of marble plinths which its headlines is designed with Al-Asra and Al-Bani Israel Surahs inscription of Quran.

All the vaults of the mosque are designed with Bergamot, khataee, Arabesque and the verses of Quran. In the two top corners of marble vault of the mehrab, in a square bergamot, the 115th verse of the Baqarah Surah and between these two corners, the last words of the 125th verse of the same surah and in in west side of the vault, 144th verse of the same Surah and in the east side also 148th and 149th verse of Baqarah Surah are carved. On the other vaults of the mosque also the other verses of Quran are carved or written.

The previous name of this mosque was Qizilloo which was built by Zahir-al-Din Miirza Mohammad Ibrahim son of Sadreddin Mohammad (the minister of Azerbaijan) who repaired the holly shrine and School of Seyyed Hamzeh. Then he ordered to build this mosque in 1087 Hijri-Qamari.

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