Mirza Sadegh Agha Mosque of Tabriz


This bilding is located at northern side of Talebieh Schooll. The mosque contains twenty three big and stocky stone pillars with Mogharnas headline of the columns and thirty four short semicircular brick domes. The exact age of the building is not clear but we know that it is very old…

Haj Mirza Mohammad Ali Tabatabaee in his writings on this mosque, says: ‘’ the Mirza Agha mosque is made by descent Mirza Mahdi Ghazi’’

Descent Ghazi reconstructed it firstly and after him descent Agha Mirza Mohammad Ali Mojtahed Dinvari   became its Imam Jama’ah and then, his son, Mirza Mohammad Agha became its Imam and also then his son Mirza Sadegh Agha was the last Imam in the era which we try to elaborate for you to understand the history and importance of this mosque.

Because of personality and reputation of Mirza Sadegh Agha, people nominated the mosque Mirza Sadegh Agha…

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