Paitakht Mosque of Oskoo


This small building is without pillar with wide walls and adobe roof but very strong. On the southern wall of the mosque, there is a marble inscription which its content is:

"قال الله تبارک و تعالی ان المساجد لله فلا تدعوا مع الله احدا ... وفق الله سبحانه و تعالی عبده الملتجی بوفور الطاعة اعنی حاجی عوض بن احمد بتجدید هذه العمارة الشریفة المبارکة بعد تخریبها بحمد الله ... و سبحانه فتمت باهتمامه و حرر ذلک فی شهور سنة احدی و ستین بعد الالف من الهجرة النبویة[1061]"

This mosque was destructed by Ottamani aggression and attack and then in 1061 Hijri-Qamari again was reconstructed by one of merchants from Oskoo, Haj Avaz bin Ahmad.

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