Jame Mosque of Ahar


The first building of this mosque backs to Seljuk and Atabakan era of Iran. Open courtyard, a prayer hall with big columns and historical inscriptions could be the best characteristics of this mosque. In center of the courtyard a pool is observable and the main entrance gate is located in south-western side of the yard. The prayer hall consists of a vast space which twenty one domes have covered the roof of the building. These domes are installed on fourteen pillars in center and fourteen half-pillars in northern and southern sides of the hall.

On the inscription which is installed on the top of entrance gate, this sentence is written:

"به تاریخ ثلث و عشرین و مائه بعد الالف من الهجرة ازغیر المال مرحوم حاجی محمد سلیم مسجد جامع بنا گردید[1123]"

It means the mosque was constructed by descent Haj Mohammad Salim. The date of construction of the mosque is 1198 Hijri-Qamari. Alsi another inscription exists in this mosque which describes the dates of repairs. These digits show 1152 and 1158 Hijri-Qamari…

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