Jame Meharabad Mosque of Bonab


This historical mosque is very important and valuable specially, because of its exclusive architecture which is obvious in its historical inscription, long minarets with 25m height, etc.

The calligraphic inscription contains a text:

  نبی هنرالمسجد المبارک فیایام’’

الدولته السلطان العادل و المرشد الکامل السلطان بن السلطان ابی                                                              

المظفرشاه طهماسب الصفوی الحسینی بهادر خان باشاره العالیه بی بی خانم بنت منصور                                   

بیگ فی شهریور سند احد و خمیس و تسعائته                                                                                   

It means, the mosque is built in 951 Hijri-Qamari with personal expenses of Bibi Jan Khanom, daughter of Mnasour Beig in Shah Tahmasb’s era (Safavid)



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