Jame Mosque of Sarab


This mosque is near by the bazaar of Sarab City. It doesn’t have any minaret or Goldasteh. There is two entrance gates that first one is located in east side of the mosque and another one is located in west side. On top of the eastern gate, s marble inscription is installed which shows the history of this mosque. According to this document it is constructed in Agh Ghoyonloo Torkmens dynasty era in 875 Hijri-Qamari by Haji Rafioddin Ben Haji Moshidoddin’s order.

The prayer hall of the mosque is located in eastern side of the courtyard which its space is around 47m*21m. This hall is covered by sixty small domes which are installed on brick bases in various sizes. The average height of these domes from surface of the mosque is about 5.4m. But the height of the fourth row of the domes which are taller than the others is 2.6m.

The interior design of the mosque is very simple and the walls are covered just with bricks. But this mosque includes three Mehrab which its third one is designed with very beautiful dark blue color tiles.


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