Jame Mosque of Maragheh


According to inscriptions of this mosque, its history backs to 731 Hijri-Qamari which was constructed by Hossein Bin Mahmoud Bin Taj Khajeh’s attempts. It contains six domes and very strong columns which hold these domes. On south prayer hall of the mosque and its headline there is an inscription installed which is content describes a brief history of the mosque:

 "امر بتجدید هذه العمارة الهبد الفقیر خواجه حسین بن سیف الدین محمود بن تاج خواجه فی اواخر شوال سنه اربعین وسبعمائه "

Donald Wilber has written about this mosque:

‘’ the main space of the complex includes six domes and strong columns. The square dome room is built in Seljuk era and then, in Mogul era this room was repaired and designed…. The walls of building was extended into eastern side and a rectangular-shaped prayer room was added to the building also. In northwest of the building, the octagon base of the minaret is located’’


The Mehrab of this mosque with 75m width and 6m height is located in southern part of the prayer hall and is designed with Surahs of Quran with beautiful tore works. This Mehrab is built by Abdol Faghir Bandgir Tabrizi.

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