Dr.Mohammad Mofateh


Mohammad Mofatteh ( محمد مفتح ; 1979 – 1928) was an Iranian philosopher who was born in Famenin.


He attended Akhund Mullah Ali Hamedani’s school in Hamadan. After completing his primary education there, he left for the famous Islamic Seminary in Qom, where he participated in the classes of Hazrat-e Ayatollah Uzma Sayyed Mohammad Hojat Kuh Kamari, Ayatollah Uzma Haj Agha Hossein Tabatabee Boroujerdy and Imam Ayatollah Al-Uzma Sayyed Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini, Hazrat Ayatollah Sayyed Mohamad Mohaqeq and Hazrat Allameh Tabatabie, (the author of Tafsir al-Mizan)

Academic career

Furthermore he was teaching the high levels of divine law, principles and philosophy; he also studied the new science until he was successful enough to be granted the Ph.D. of philosophy. After finishing his studies in the Seminary, since he was needed in Tehran, he left for it. Like his colleague Professor Motahari, he started to teach university students in 1348 (1969). He was experienced enough in teaching because he was the teacher of a high school in Qom as well.


Political works

Dr Mofateh had a resume full of political activities, especially in the month of Ramadhan and Moharram and Safar. Although he was a professor of the university, he never gave up the religious programs.

So, due to the these activities, holding sessions and performing the prayer in “Qoba Mosque” he was put into jail in 1354 (1975) and the Shah's regime closed the door of the mosque. It was not the first time because when he was in Qom he was exiled to Zahedan Provincedue, to similar activities. He performed the prayer of Feast of the Fast–breaking (Eid-ul-Fitr) in 1357 (1978) in Qeytariyeh in which about one million people took part and it was the greatest schemata of early period of revolution. After praying he gave a very revolutionary and crucial lecture and invited people for demonstrations of 17th and 18th of Shahrivar (7th and8 September) whose result was his arresting on 17th of Shahrivar and he was imprisoned for two months.


Death and funeral

On 27th of Azar 1358 (18 December 1979) at half past nine A.M, when Dr. Mofateh with his two guards (Asghar Nematy and Javad Bahmany) were in front of the building of Theology University, he was shot at four times. The bullets went through his head, shoulder, hands and knees. He was taken to Ayatollah Taleghany Hospital where he died at 12 a.m., on 27th Azar, 1358 (18 December 1979).

In the morning of 28th Azar (19 December 1979) his body with those of his guards were escorted from mosque of university passing the American espionage then was carried to Qom and was buried there in the courtyard of Hazrat Masoomeh (SA)‘s holy shrine. He has written many books among which we can refer to the Translation of Tafsir Kabir Majmaolbayan, The way of thinking on logic.



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