Martyr Enayatulah Ahmadi


He was born in one the villages of Zanjan State (1925) and wa belonged to proletariat caste. In spite of many problems and suffering life conditions which were dominant for this caste of society in the mentioned era, he could start his education and then taught for some years in schools and came to Qazvin County after marriage to start his education in the seminary of this county. Then he went to Abhar and Tehran one after the other to teach and learn in the seminaries f the mentioned counties. He attempted so much to participate in the social protest of the people of Iran against Pahlavi Regime and after victory of the revolution of Iran, was accepted as the member of Rohaniat-e-Mobarez society party. He tried to reveal the oppression of Pahlavi Regime during his life. After start of the war between Iran and Iraq, he went to frontiers to fight against Saddam Hussein aggressions and after some times, backed to the seminary of Abhar to teach in this seminary as its president for one year. But he never hides his love to martyrdom and defence of his country. So, went to Tehran and applied again to go to frontiers of war. His flight was deducted by the Iraqi forces and was killed in 1985 while his head and hands were separated from his body.

Some words of his testator:

I believe that there is no power in world expects God who has not any participant. I trust 124000 holy prophets who had come to guide us and Holy prophet of Islam as the messenger of God. I believe Ali Bin Abi Talib and his eleven sons as the Imams and Guardians who are appointed by the holy prophet of Islam and I’m waiting for advent of his twelfth son, Mahdi as the saviour of men. I believe that Imam Khomeini is the right delegate of Imam Mahdi who is the saviour of poor people and guardian of or religion...

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