Martyr Feizullah Tahmasbi


(The former Imam of Sajjadi Mosque of Laarim Village-Saari County)

He was born in Laarim Village of Saari County and passed the primary school in his birthplace and continued his education in a high school in Saari County. His family encouraged him to continue his education in Islamic science in the seminary of Saari.  Beginning of his Islamic studies was symmetrical with the revolutionary protests and social fighting against the Pahlavi cruel Regime. The first steps of his fighting against Pahlavi regime started from the 2500th anniversary of Iranian Kingdom ceremony which was held every year by the Regime. He prevented of his classmates presence in this ceremony and persuade them to close their high school in the last days of Pahlavi regime life. He used all of his capacity for stability and consolidation of the Islamic revolution of Iran by his endeavours. He attended the first struggles which were occurred in Kurdistan state of Iran as a revolutionary voluntary. By start of propagation of Mujahidin Terrorist group against the Islamic Revolution and their wild actions which endangered the security of people in northern lands of Iran, he endeavoured again with his brave friend Martyr ismaeil Khalili to stop them. He was one of the first coordinators in establishment of Sepah of Saari and could prevent them to access Saari from the Laarim-Saari detour. He was the member of the Mosque Council of Sajjad Mosque of Laarim. Finally by start of the Iran-Iraq war (holy defence), he went to frontiers to defend of his lands and was killed in Gilaan Qarb military zone on 1981 and was inhumed in his village. 

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