Martyr Haj Sayyed Ahmad Dibaji


He was born in 1932 and after completion of primary school level, migrated to Qom by his father’s recommendation to continue his educations in the seminary of Qom. He left this county to improve his knowledge in the seminary of Najaf when he was twenty four years old. He could attend the lectures of some great teachers such as Ayatollah Haj Sayyed Mohsen Hakim, Ayatollah Sayyed Mahmoud Shahroudi and Ayatollah Khoei. He attended the lectures of Ayatollah Aqa Bozorg Tehrani during these years and could help him to write the Al-Zareiah book. He accepted the invitation of people of Tehran to become the Imam of Mahdieh Mosque of Tehran which was established recently. Then, he accepted to be the Imam of Mohseni Mosque of Tehran (Jordan St) also. He was a real Muslim and scholar that absorbed many people always to the mosques which were under his authority.

He could write some important books such as Taqrirat Al-Fiqh, Taghrirat Al- Osoul, Mokhtasarul Mantiq, Kashkoul, interpretation of Quran and etc. He was a revolutionary activist who conducted the waves of social and political protests from his mosques and created some committees after victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran to collect the guns which were kept by people because of the process of revolution. His relation with Imam Khomeini was very good and he always said:

‘’ Islam is the only acceptable religious and the Islamic govt will be raised justunder leadership of Imam Khomeini’’

Finally, he was killed by Mojahedin Khalq terrorist group in Mohesini Mosque just a few minutes after evening prayer by installation of a handy bomb in the alter of the mentioned mosque. His two sons also were killed in this event which was happened in 1979. He was the first martyr clergy of Iran who was killed after victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran.

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