Martyr Mohammad Ali Rohani Fard


He was born in 1946 from Kord Kouy County. His childhood was passed in a poor family but anyway he could finish his elementary school. Then he applied for seminary cause of his high eagerness to learn Islamic sciences. So he got admission for seminary of Gorgan in 1959 and learned basic requirements of seminary from Sayyed Sajjad Alavi, Sayyed Hassan Nabavi and Sayyed Mohammad Reza Moayyeri.

He took lectures in public ceremonies of Muharram and Safar months (as the holly months of Shiite) to teach the values of Islam. He was the first clergy that talked about termination of Pahlavi Regime and prayed for Imam Khomeini in his lectures in Gorgan County and was arrested for the first time in 1963 by attending the lectures of Ayatollah khamenei. Police damned him because of movement against security of the state and tortured him very hard in the jail of Gorgan. He was transferred to Seminary of Khorasan in 1965 and attended the lectures of Adib Neyshabouri, Hojjat hashemi and Vaez tabasi in Kheiraat Khan Seminary which was located near the holly shrine of Imam Reza. He has closed friendship and coordination with descent Hujjatul Islam Hashemi Nejad. He continued to fight against Pahlavi regime while he was studying in Mashhad and published his announcements and propagandas in crash hour time of the holy shrine of Imam Reza and Gohar Shad Mosque. Finally was arrested again because of Imam Khomeini’s photo proliferation and jailed for about three months by SAVAC. He came went back to the Seminary of Gorgan again in 1966.

He never stopped his fights against Pahlavi Regime and started his revolutionary activities since 1967 and was arrested again while carrying the Imam Khomeini’s photos from Gorgan to Mashad. SAVAC could arrest him in Ilvaar Village and the court damned him to be jailed for one year. He was transferred to Qasr Jail in neighbourhood of Ayatollah Anvari. He was kept in a solitary cell for more than nine months. After release of jail, migrated to Qom to attend the lectures of some great teachers of this seminary such as Ali Meshkini, Makarem Shirazi, Jafar Sobhani, Nouri Hamedani, Salehi Najaf Abadi, Sayyed Aboulfazl Mousavi Tabrizialehi Najaf Abadi and Fazel Harandi while he entered to the main core of fights.

He was present at the Feizieh School of Qom in 974 when Pahlavi Regime was arrested more than five hundred of clergies in this school by SAVAC forces. He was enforced to get away. But just after some months was arrested by SAVAC again in Gorgan. This time was jailed for four months. He travelled in 1977-8 to many of villages to provoke and inviting people to fight against Pahlavi Regime. His wife says:

‘’ he believed specially to fight against cruel and oppression and carried many photos, announcements and cassettes. Even when I travelled with him to one of these villages, i said to him, this village has clergy, come to back from here. But he didn’t accept and said to me that the clergy of this village scares from regime and SAVAC and this is our duty to notify people’’

Compilations and articles:

 He was so interested in writing and cultural activities and published his political and religious articles in various magazines such as: Maktab-e-Islam, Payam-e-Islam, Noor-e-Danesh, Nedaye Haq, Maaref-e-Jafari, Javanan annual magazaine and etc. He studied the new and academic sciences at the same time with studying in seminary and could obtain Diploma till 1945 that was arerested by SAVAC because of writing the name of Imam Khomeini in Payame-e-Islam Magazine. He earned seven years of his time to research about liberal and Islamic movements of the world but SAVAC burned all of his documents. He participated and attended the translations and writing lectures of great teachers such as Nouri Hamedani and Zamani Najaf Abaadi. The number of his compilations and books is around twenty that the book ‘’current issues and us’’ book was written in coordination with some seminary teachers. His ‘’Islam in US and Canada’’ book is republished three times till now.

He entered to University of Ferdowsi of Mashhad in 1979 and could obtain bachelor of Law from this university. Also he participated in the first parliamentary after revolution of Iran as the candidate of Khorasaan State. He was appointed as prosecutor of revolutionary court of Gorgan County and in 1980 was appointed as the governor of Kordkhou by Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani (the minister of state) for four years and could give many services to the people of this county. He travelled to Mali and Senegal along the minister of foreign affairs of Iran and was appointed as the chief of the ninth political office of this ministry.

Finally, he was martyred in 1985 when he was on mission to supervise on the frontiers of Iran-Iraq war with some of the most important treasures of Islamic revolution of Iran. An Iraqi fighter airplane aggressed their airplane and all of these great men were martyred. 

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