Martyr Muhammad Chavoshi Abyaneh


He was the previous Imam of Lorzadeh Mosque of Tehran who was born in Abyaneh Village which is one othe most beautiful and historical villages of Natanz County. His family immigrated to Tehran when he was five years old. He learned Quran reading in childhood and was interested to learn religious science and passed the primary school level in Tehran and then went to Qom to attend the lectures which were taken in the Seminary of Qom. He then he attended the lectures of Ayatollah Mojtahedi, Imami Kashani, Tonekaboni, Abtahi and Tehrani.

He succeed to get acquainted with Imam Khomeini since 1961 and entered to the space of social protests against Pahlavi Regime in order to collapse the mentioned regime and its oppressions. He was a professional religious lecturer who could motivate people to participate in these protests. That’s why he was arrested by SAVAC many times and was tortured. He advised people to not kill the young officers and police forces instead of their main enemy who was in fact the heads of Pahlavi Regime like Nasiri (the chief of SAVAC)

Youth were so respectful for him and always attempted to absorb them into Islam. He had lectures in Lorzadeh Mosque for a decade in 1978 that criticized Shah and his regime. He was arrested by police because of these lectures at 9th night and he couldn’t take his lectures at 10th night. People who came to attend his lectures at 10th night protested against his arrest but SAVAC Guard answered them by shooting bullets and killed eight people of them. He answered to judge when he was presented in court that my only leader, Mujtahid and Marja is Imam Khomeini and i never accept the constitution of Pahlavi regime. Finally the judge damned him to be jailed for fifteen years. But he was freed by people in the process of Islamic revolution after six months. He appropriated a part of his income to poor people while he was not rich. After revolution of Iran he was invited by the navy of this country for coordination as their chief of Ideological section. He did many works in navy such as programming for collective praying, creation of the lectures to train the staff with Islam, establishment of library, fighting against discrimination and supporting the low income officers and etc. Finally, he was killed by Mujahedin Khalgh Org terrorist group of Iran in 1981 while he started to ride his car into his office.

Some words of his testator: 

Death is the only thing that man cannot decline it because it happens anyway. So its better to choose Martyrdom as the best way of death.  I have asked God to be killed as martyr.

I believe to the unity of God, all of prophets and great prophet of Islam as the seal of prophets and guardianship of the twelve Imams (Shiite thought)

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