Martyr Mustafa hujjati


He was born in Marand County (1942) and whose father was descent Sheikh Ghorban Ali. He started the primary school in his county and after completion of this level, started to study in seminary to learn Islamic science. He travelled to Qom to continue his studies in the seminary of this county when he was only thirteen years old.

He started his political and social activities when since 1963 and published Imam Khomeni’s announcements to propagate against oppressions of Pahlavi Regime while he never scared of the regime’s threats. He decided to be settled in Tehran since 1972 and organized many protests against the regime and attended most of these protests in west of Tehran. His relation with the family was very strong and always persuades them to keep these relations. His daughter says:

‘’ nobody was ashamed of to be in our house as guest and everybody recognized us and our home as his family and house. People came to our home to consulate in family, political and business affairs also. He respected children so much and encouraged us to worship and fasting’’

After victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran, most of his concerns were focused on Sayyedul Shohada Mosque as his mosque and the committee of the Islamic revolution. He took many lectures for interpretation of Quran in his mosques also. Finally he was killed by Mujahedin Khalgh of Iran terrorist group when he was in his car.

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