Martyr Qolamreza Ashtiani


Qolamreza Ashtiani was born in Ashtian County of Iran (1930). Whose ancestor was Zeinul Abedin Ashtiani who was one of the great teachers of Persian literature in Qajar dynasty era of Iran. He learned many things from his father till 1942 that his father died and left him alone when he was only eleven years old. After passing the second year of high school, he decided to immigrate to study in Islamic science and learned Fiqh for eight years by attending the lectures of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, Ayatollah Golpayegani and Ayatollah Mohaqiq Damaad. He learned moral science also from Ayatollah Imam Khomeini. He could get accustomed to some of great mens such as Martyr Ayatollah Beheshti and Martyr Ayatollah Mofatteh.

He immigrated again and this time to Tehran in 1951 with his mother and brothers and started academic education in modern science and decided to become teacher in order to transfer his knowledge to youth generation and fulfilment of his living costs. He continued his education till obtaining PHD Degree in Theology. He paid special attention to behavioural and scientific improvement of youth and attempted to secure them by use of deep and enriched Islamic concepts in front of cultural conspiracy. He taught English, Persian literature and Islamic science in schools and high schools and tried to attract them to Quran and Islam. His revelation and enlightening caused to become retired sooner than normal time of duty under forces of SAVAC.

He tried to support the poor and deprived students and always said to them lend these moneys to you and you have to pay it back when you will get educated and could earn money.

He realized rightly that suppression and the dictated programs by colonialist states causes to depression in society and never stopped his political and social contests against Pahlavi regime. He increased these political activities in 1951-53 against British colonialism by creation of ‘’Shiite group’’ with martyr Haaj Sadiq Amani, martyr Sadiq Islami in coordination with ‘’Fadaeian Islam’’ group. His was one the closest friends of martyr Navaab Safavi.

Dr. Ashtiani increased his political activities against Pahlavi Regime at the same of 15th Khordad event in 1963 continued his way till victory of Islamic revolution of Iran. Even he was jailed one time by SAVAC forces. Martyr Ashtiani took lectures in his mosque and any other public places to propagate against the oppressions of Pahlavi Regime and introduction of Ayatollah Imam Khomeini and the characteristics of Islamic government. He attempted so much to establish the Qods Cultural Group and many other social groups which were active in hadith, Quran and Nahjul Belaqeh. He could compile more than one thousand pages about Quranic subjects.

His family also contended against the cruel Pahlavi regime and his daughter was killed in 17th of Shahrivar event (1978) by the military forces of Pahlavi Regime. But they couldn’t prevent him to continue his way and when Bakhtiar(The last prime minister of Pahlavi Regime) closed the bands of Mehrabad Airport in order to prevent Ayatollah Imam Khoemini’s airplane to seat, Dr.Ashtiani with some other campaigners took sanctuary in the mosque of the University of Tehran.

After victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he found the conditions fair for coming back to the ministry of education and travelled to Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar to propagate Islam and improvement of Iranian schools by learning of the successful methods which were used in these countries. He said:

‘’ the ministry of educations has to establish more pedagogy colleges and universities, grow up the rate of schools and educational complex in villages and it has to prepare the educational facilities to make studying easy for youth...’’

He recognized the existence of an Islamic organization important to manage and coherent the various revolutionary forces. That’s why by establishment of Jomhouri-e-Islami party and his old friendship with Martyr Ayatollah Shahid Beheshti entered as a member to this party.

He could enter to the parliament of Iran as senator in delegation of the people of Ashtian, Tafresh and Khalajestan counties. He says about the parliament of Iran:

‘’ I think this parliament which has come up by the votes of people and by emphasising on the Islamic principles is a small Iran’’

‘’ rising economic and political independence and freedom from dependence and single product economy is impossible without revolution in structures of the values, moving into the dynamic culture of Islam and fostering of faithful men’’

Dr.ashtiani was killed in 7th of Tir event of 1981 with seventy two his other his real friends in the office of jomhouri-e-Islami party in Tehran by a powerful bomb explosion to rest beside of his daughter in peace. 

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