Martyr Qolamreza Samarqandi


He was born in 1929-Neishabour County. His father was Haj Sheikh Abbas Samarqandi who was from Samargand originally. He started to learn from his father when he was four years old and then went to primary school three years later. Then he entered Abbas Qoli Khan Islamic Science School in thirteen years old and became a clergy in this school. After his father death, he came to Tehran in 1963 and continued his education in Chizar Seminary. He was the Imam of Babul Havaeij Seminary and took Quran Teaching lectures in this mosque for youth. He was damned by SAVAC because of fighting against Pahlavi Regime and that’s why they didn’t allow him to take his lectures more. He participated in the revolutionary fights against Pahlavi Regime and SAVAC invaded to his home in order to find the documents in relation with his revolutionary activities. His wife says:

‘’ He concealed a cassette containing the speeches of Imam Khomeini on top of the wall clock but the SAVAC forces couldn’t find it out finally’’

His son also says:

‘’ we had a commode which was made by my brother and a hidden part was installed on this commode which was the place of the books of Imam Khomeini, Martyr Motahari, Martyr Beheshti and etc’’

His entire salary amount received was given to others. Because he believed that we have to give this money to needy clergies and we have to work ourselves. That’s why he was a mechanic and you could not recognize him in work clothes. He managed many activities such as taking the ideology, first aids and etc. He cleaned the mosque himself. The old people who come to the mosque say that all the bricks of this mosque remind him to us.

His daughter says: ‘’ by beginning of war, he helped to collect required foods, clothes and etc from people in order to send them to frontiers. We remember those days that we worked hardly. My mother worked night till morning to weave a hat and scarf to send it for soldiers who were fighting against Saddam. One day, an old woman came to father and said to him while she was crying that I have just these two eggs to help. But I want you to give them to soldiers. He told my brother that the value of these two eggs is more than a container of compotes and the other donations...’’

One of the houses of Mujahidin Terrorist Group of Iran was captured in 1981 by help of Martyr Samarqandi and he changed this building to a charitable clinic. This issue caused to make Mujahidin angry from Hujatul Islam Martyr Samarqandi and they tried many times to terror him. That’s why a bodyguard from Sepah of Iran was appointed to protect him. But finally, he was killed in the morning of 26th April of 1982 with his bodyguard Martyr Qorban Eta’ati by Mujahidin Terrorist Group of Iran (Mujahidin-e-Khalq-e-Iran)

His daughter says:

‘’ two or three days after martyrdom of father, someone same to our home while he was crying. He told us this is not only you who have lost his guardian but we have lost him too. Because he helped us so much in life costs and the school cost of my children’’

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