Martyr Sayyed Aboulqasem davoud Al-Mousavi (Mousavi Damqani)


(The former Imam of Sayyed-Al-Shohadaa Mosque)

Sayyed Abouqasem Davoud Al-Mousavi famous as Mousavi Damqani was born in Damqan County on 1944. His ancestor was decent Sayyed Haaji who was immigrated to Hassan Abaad from Khor because of the feudal oppressions. His father, Sayyed Mohammad who was farmer for forty years also immigrated to Qom to teach Quran to youth and children. Surpassing in charity was his adjective and helped to needy people wherever he could. He was the first person who was pioneer in construction of a mosque which Ayatollah Damqani asked people to help in its construction when he was a young student of seminary. He tried to dredge up the aqueduct of Hassan Abaad Village when they were suffered of droughts.

He was interested to learn Islamic science from childhood. That’s why after passing of primary school, entered to Haj Fath Ali Beik and Mousavieh Seminaries of Damqan when he was just fourteen years old in 1958 and went to Qom to continue his education in 1962 in Hojjatieh Islamic School and started his travels in order to propagate Islam. Even he travelled to some of villages which were located in some impassable places by bicycle!

He became interested to Imam Khomeini and his thoughts when he travelled to Qom. He had said abou the 15th of khordad event:

‘’ Imam had held ceremony because of Fatimah Zahra’s martyrdom memorial in his house. Some night he talked about the shaming capitulation treaty which was sihned between Shah of Iran and US Government while he damned this treaty and some of the other western policies and tendencies of Shah. Seven days after this lecture, SAVAC arrested him and took to Tehran. Is started my political activities after the mentioned lecture’’

He published the propagandas of Imam Khomeini which were sent to Iran from Najaf by a typewriter and distributed them between people in various counties. He notified and informed people by taking lectures in many cities and villages of Iran and familiarized them with Imam’s elements of thought. So he was arrested many times in this way and jailed with Martyr Mohammad Montazeri and Ayatollah Jannati.

His warm and attractive lectures before victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran were cause to reveal of the oppression of Pahlavi regime. That’s why SAVAC asked him to stop his political discussions and lectures but he declined and did whatever was right and his duty as a revolutionary clergy. SAVAC prohibited him to take any lecture. Between the years of 1969-1978 he held summer tours and political-ideological programs for youth and teenagers which SAVAC restricted him to do these activities.

He was one of the pioneer participators in revolutionary protests in the 1978-79 events and took the injured people to hospital by his car. For example in one of the protests that people were going to Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani’s house, the military forces fired to people and killed many of them. Martyr Mousavi collected the injured protestors and took them to hospital. He was one the participators of the celebration which was held for coming back of Imam Khomeini to Iran.

After victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran also he used his most capacity to give service to the young holy Islamic revolution. We can refer to some of activities such as establishment of the committee of the Islamic revolution of Damqan County, participation in establishment of the Sepah of Damqan County, authority on Lavizan Garrison, creation of the Revolution Court of Damqan, working in the Jahad of Construction Org of Damqan, delegate of Imam Khomeini in the seven members group for lands resigns in Semnan State, Imam Jom’ah of Ramhormoz since 1980 to 1984, the elected senator beside of Ramhormoz people in the National Parliament of Iran.

Hujat-Al0Islam Shamsi Pour says:

‘’ by establishment of the committee of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in Damqan, Martyr Mousavi was appointed as its chief. The supervision section of this org reported Martyr Mousavi that there is an old man in one of the village of Damqan who cusses to Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution. They bring the mentioned person to Martyr Mousavi. He asked forces to leave the room. Then seated beside of the old man and gave him some money and asked him to stop his cusses against Imam Khomeini. The grand Martyr told him, i know your life conditions and your difficulties. Take this money and whenever you need money, come to me. The old man cried and excused because of his behaviour’’

He emphasised on helping needy people as his duty and took some donations from Tehran adn Qom for needy and poor people when he was the Imam Jom’ah of Ramhormoz County. Sayyed Muhammad Sajjadi who was invited by martyr Mousavi to teach in the Seminary of Ramhormoz says:

‘’ nobody was allowed to prevent people to meet him. Everybody could meet him to talk about his problems of life difficulties’’

He never misuse of his official posts and given dignity. His brother, Sayyed Jafar says:

‘’ he never used public properties and moneys which were consigned to him when he was the Imam Jom’ah of Ramhormoz. He borrowed money from me when he had no money but he never accepted to expend the public moneys which were belonged to people. He was believed to on time Salaat’’

He asked youth to go frontiers during the Iran-Iraq war in his speeches of Jom’ah Salaat. He was present in frontiers himself because of his unbelievable desire to be martyred in the God’s way. He said many times that I have sent many people to frontiers and they martyred while I’m alive yet awfully. He asked his martyred friends to pray for him to be martyred in God’s way like them between his Salaat...

Finally, he achieved his goal and was martyred in 1985 when he was going to frontiers by an airliner. The Iraqi fighters volleyed missiles to the mentioned airliner and exploded it. He is buried in Tabatabaei Mosque of Qom now.

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