Martyr Sayyed Ahmad Agha Miri Zanjani


He was born in Soltanieh which is one of the counties of Zanjan State of Iran (1936). He entered to the seminary of Zanjan after completion of his primary school education. Then, he went to Najaf to continue his education in higher level in seminary of Najaf in 1958 by attending the lectures of great teachers such as Ayatollah Sayyed Mohsen Tabatabaei Hakim, Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul Karim Zanjan and some of the other teachers. It is quoted by him that he spent time of being in Najaf by eating just a loaf but none these suffering conditions couldn’t stop him to continue his right way. He turned back to Tehran after sometimes to meet his family and relatives but he decided to return Iraq, the govt of Iraq didn’t allow him to enter this country because of the revolution which was occurred in this state. So he went to Qom to continue his education by attending the lectures of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and Ayatollah Vahid Shirazi. He got marry with the daughter of Ayatollah Mir Taheri who was one of the fighter clergies of his time.

He was hate of tyrant and idolatrous and the crimes of Pahlavi Regime. By 15th Khordad of 1963 which was accrued in Qom, he started his revolutionary activities and participation in –protests by taking lectures in public places like mosques. He talked about Islam, Quran and Imam Khomeini. He continued his protests against Pahlavi Regime in 1978 by prevention of Ayatollah Imam Khomeini’s flight to seat in Mehrabad Airport of Tehran at the time of Bakhtiar’s Govt. He started to strike with his helpers in the mosque of the University of Tehran.

By the command of Imam Khomeini he was appointed for gathering and organising the weapons and guns which were in hands of people in the process of revolution. But finally he was killed in the alter of his mosque (Vali Asr Mosque of Tehran) at the end of 1978.

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