Martyr Sayyed Ahmad Qasemian


Martyr Sayyed Ahmad Qasemian

(The former Imam of Husseini Mosque)

He was born in a village of Damavand County on 1938 and passed his primary school in his village and went to Tehran to continue his education in seminary by advices of his brother and father. After completion of the primary levels of seminary and passing the subjects, he went to Qom. He entered could pass the entrance exam of the University of Tehran and was accepted as student of the Department of Theology and could obtain bachelor in Fiqh and Islamic law by attending the lectures of grand teachers like Martyr Motahhari.

He was active in social protests against Pahlavi regime. He participated in 15th Khordad event of 1963 and got married also in the same year. His lectures and advices were sweet for people and caused to increase their insight. After victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he got membership of the Committees of the Islamic revolution and started to teach Islamic knowledge in high schools while he accepted to be the Imam of Ataabak Husseini Mosque of Tehran. He taught Fiqh and Osoul for a short term but then appointed as judge in the Judiciary Branch.

He had emphasised on education of children and martyrdom of his brave son, Sayyed Mojtabaa demonstrates this fact. He went to the frontiers in during the Iran-Iraq war for two times but in second time, their airliner was exploded by the Iraqi fighters and he martyred with Martyr Mahallati in this flight in 1985.

His wife says:

‘’ we got married in 1963 and the result of this marriage was five children. He was interested in way and thought of Imam Khomeini and always listened his speeches. He was always active in protests and invited people to be the real Shiite and follow Imam Khomeini’s way. He believed that I have to sacrifice my life for Islam’’

Some words of his testament:

God, please determine my death time as my happiness time and take me from this world faithful to Muhammad, Ali and his eleven sons and grant the opportunity to give service to Islam, Muslims and Imam Khomeini.

God, please don’t let colonialism and its leader, USA continues its oppressions against Muslims and needy people of world.

I, Sayyed Ahmad Qasemian son of Motalleb, believe to Islam and its grand prophet, Muhammad as a Shiite. I advice the people of Iran and my dear children to be subordinate the worthy commands of Imam Khomeini’

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