Martyr Sayyed Mortaza Ayatullahi Tabatabaei


He was born in one of the villages of Yazd State of Iran (1922) and finished his elementary education in Yazd. He was farmer till 1938 and belonged to proletariat caste of society. That’s why he could realize suffers and pins of this caste deeply and helped them so much during these sixteen years old. Then he travelled to Qom County to learn Islamic sciences in order to continue the developer levels in Najaf. So, after some years could immigrate to Najaf to attend the worthy lectures of Ayatollah Khoei, Ayatollah Hakim and Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi to learn Fiqh and Osul from these great teachers and after eight years backed to Tehran to Publish Islam. We can high light some of his characteristics such as hospitable, good tempered, a sample worshipper and in love with the respectful family of great prophet of Islam (Shiite).

He was appointed as the Imam of Kherqani Mosque of Tehran since 1951 and reconstructed this mosque because of its old building. He was pioneer for fighting and civil protests against Pahlavi Regime and encouraged people to participate in these protests to get back their civil rights from cruel Pahlavi Regime. He was jailed two times by SAVAC in 1966 and 1978 because of his social and political activities in to achieve liberty. He was very careful for poor and weak people and believed that their at least their elementary requirements such as food and dress have to be fulfilled. That’s why he established a cooperative institute for his mosque to give service to the weak and poor people who are not fulfil their requirements. Also during the Iran-Iraq war helped to the families who were damaged because of war or lost their house and relatives. Finally he was killed by Mujahidin Khalq Group of Iran who is one of the wildest terroristic groups in world in 1981 in front of his home gat
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