Martyr Sayyed Mustafa Raf’ati Pour Shams


He was born in 1948 (Isfahan County) and entered to Hazrat Abdoulzazim Hassani Seminary of Tehran after passing the elementary school because his father was a religious clergy and in fact, he preferred  his father way. But he left the mentioned seminary into Qom and started his education in Seminary of Qom. He could educate in academic science and school also at the same time with studying in seminary. He immigrated to Iraq with his father, Sayyed Hussein Shamsul Vaezin in 1962. He could be certified as clergy by one of the religious jurists in Iraq when his was only fourteen years old. He came back to Isfahan after four months and continued his education in Sadr Religious School. His family recommended one of their relative girls to marry but when they asked his to leave clergy caste and this job, he got angry and told them’’ I never do this...’’

He migrated to Mashhad in 1963 to Mashhad to learn more. The result of this residency was increase of spiritual dignity and more knowledge in him. He came back again to Isfahan and started to take religious lectures in Razavi and Sartaveh Mosques of this county. He was a kind scholar with revolutionary spirit who strived against Pahlavi Regime and its oppressions. He immigrated to Tehran to extend his revolutionary activities against the regime in 1976. He could attend and learn the highest levels of seminary in Tehran. He could get acquainted with some of great and famous clergies of Tehran and took sanctuary in the University of Tehran because of delay in coming of Imam Khomeini to Tehran that Pahlavi Regime was responsible for this event.

He was appointed by Imam Khomeini’s delegate as the chief of 12th office of Tehran Committee and was the Imam of Tali’e Mosque at the same time. He was the chief of the central core of Rohaniat Mobarez Party (west of Tehran branch). He accepted to be the Imam of Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque of Tehran which is located in Ostad Moein St.

He went to hajj by Imam Khomeini’s order to propagate Islam and the Islamic Revolution of Iran methodology in Saudi Arabia in 1991. After coming back of this travel he accepted to be the chief of political and opinionative section of Iranian Police. He believed that ‘’ we have to recognize the faithful and honest humane resources to use them and their valuable beliefs. We have to invite our forces and staffs to Islam by good behaving. We have to never punish or chider hardly people who are good in virtue if we want to guide them..’’ he travelled many time to the various police stations in highways and counties to modify and reform their probably lacks. After triumph conquest of ran in Khoramshahr, he travelled to this county to supervise on the conditions of borders and frontiers. When he came back from this mission, Mujahedin Khalq of Iran (the main terrorist group which is under legal prosecution by the Govt of Iran) killed him when he was going into his mosque. His holy shrine is located beside of Hazrat Abdulazim holy shrine in Tehran. 

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