Ali Samari


He was born in Tehran (    ) and passed his elementary and high school in Doulab District of Tehran and were taking the lectures in interpretation of Quran, Arabic Literature by advice of Ayatollah Mahallati who is one of the martyred of Terror in Iran. He strived against the Iraqi forces during the Iran-Iraq war more than 56 months.


1)      The elaboration of candle in Karbala (about the holy war of Imam Hussein)

2)      Elaboration of Makarem and Homam prays

3)      More than hundred articles in moral adn educational sciences

4)      More than fifty articles in Makaseb (one of the subjects of seminaries)

Careers and activities:

1)      The chief assistant of education of the Sepah of Iran

2)      The chief of the Makatab-e-Enqelab and Maktab-e-Jebhe publications

3)      Establishment of education-work system for the clients of Iran

4)      The head of political- opinionative of the learning movement of Iran

5)      The delegate of the supreme leader of Iran in Baqiatallah Hospital

6)      The cultural consultant of the president office of Iran

7)      Educational, opinionative and social lectures in the national media of Iran

8)      The interpretation of Nahjul Balaqeh in Ansari Mosque

9)      The fourteen innocent (Shiite Fiqh) in practice and theory   

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