Ali Seifi


(The Imam of Hazrat-e-Zeinab Jam’e Mosque)

He was born in 1953 in Amol County and after completion of elementary school entered to Seminary of Amol in 1967 and by end of the basic levels, went to Seminary of Qom in 1968. He passed the compulsory courses by attending the lectures of some grand Ayatollahs such as Fazel Lankarani, Makarem Shirazi, Mousavi Tabrizi, doozdoozani, Taheri Khoram Abadi and Hashemi Tabrizi. Beside of these religious subjects, he passed some of academic courses such as psychology, philosophy and the history of Islam.

Compilations and the published articles:

1)      Monajat Nameh (prayer book)

2)      The international conventions in political and civil rights

3)      Practical discovering of crime

4)      The consolidator elements of family

5)      The causes of divorcing phenomenon

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